Accidents in Public Places

From our Dublin 2 based offices, John Synnott & Co Solicitors provides clients with professional legal advice and representation in regards to accidents in public places.
Accidents in public places – also known as public liability claims – can involve slips, trips or falls.
These kinds of accidents can happen due to uneven pavements, wet floors or slippery floors.
In our 6 decades of professional legal experience, John Synnott & Co Solicitors has represented injured parties who were hurt due to:

  • Footpath Trips, or Falls

  • Supermarket Falls, Slips

  • Hotel Injuries due to a trip or a fall

  • A fall or an injury in a bar or pub

  • Injuries to a person in a private property

  • Fall at work or in an office

  • Injuries in a restaurant or eatery

To discuss the specification of your accident in a public place with one our personal injury* solicitors, get in contact with our Dublin 2 offices.

Injures in a Public Place

Areas that are open to the general public have a duty of care to the public. This duty of care includes ensuring the area is safe and fit for purpose.
Areas open to the general public are also legally bound to ensure that their premises adheres to all mandated health and safety regulations.

If an individual has been injured due to the failure of a company or organisation in their duty of care, the injured party is entitled to seek legal redress for their injuries.