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Cycling Accident Claims*

John Synnott & Co Solicitors offers legal advice and legal representation to cyclists involved in a road traffic accident.
Unfortunately, along with the explosive growth of cycling, accidents involving cyclists, and resulting injury to the cyclists, has also increased exponentially.
Our team of professional personal injury solicitors can help cyclists achieve the legal redress* they deserve.

Accidents Involving Children

Accidents involving young children can have a potentially devastating effect on the child’s quality of life.
A parent or guardian is entitled to seek legal redress on behalf of the injured child.
The resulting compensation* is normally invested in a court-approved fund. And will be made available when the child reaches the age of 18.

Fatal Injury Claims*

Legal action involving a fatal injury is where a person has died due the negligence or a wrongful act by a third party.
The death of a loved one can be extremely distressing for a family. This stress can be compounded by the financial loss a family may incur.
Dependants are entitled to seek legal redress* in cases involving a fatal injury.

If you have suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, get in contact with Dublin 2 based offices today.

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